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Advanced Blockchain is stepping in to assist Warp Finance with V2 launch, post-management changes

At Warp Finance, we are aligned with partners that help us realize our vision. Advanced Blockchain is an early supporter of Warp Finance and has supplied vital resources in key areas, including development, strategy, and marketing. As we are currently underdelivering on communicated progress and deadlines, Advanced Blockchain, as Warp Finance’s major token holder, is taking a more proactive and hands-on approach in supporting our new management team for the development and deployment of V2.

Advanced Blockchain believes in the long-term vision of Warp. Together with our team, they have aligned future implementations, strategies, and partnerships that will add noticeable value and improvements to the overall DeFi ecosystem. These future plans include collaborations with Advanced Blockchain’s portfolio of partners, incubations, and investments.

Advanced Blockchain is now stepping in to support Warp V2 launch

We have struggled to deliver on communicated deadlines and commitments, specifically, the Blacksmith update which has been continuously delayed. Hence, in recent discussions with our team and Advanced Blockchain, we were able to diagnose the critical factors that have led to the delays and misaligned communication concerning the development status and progress of Warp V2.

Our teams concluded that additional resources need to be deployed, and Advanced Blockchain will supply these resources toward operations, development, and marketing. We are aware of the frustrations our community have had to endure, as these delays have necessitated doubts as to whether Warp will be able to pull through on its promise of V2 deliverables. It is vital that we address these concerns and outline the status and roadmap for V2 and beyond. Thus, with the help of Advanced Blockchain, we are deploying additional resources to clean up the processes and introduce procedures to get everyone aligned.

We are in the final stages of producing an estimated timeline for the procedures that need to be completed in order to release V2. The Advanced Blockchain marketing and development teams will work with our new management team to align on the external communication of the roadmap and development status. The current development status and new expectations will be released when we finalize the estimates.

The future of Warp Finance

Advanced Blockchain continues to support Warp Finance because they see the value in bringing novel lending opportunities to DeFi. The long term vision of Warp includes several core functionalities that add to our unique value proposition within DeFi:

  • The impact that isolated lending pairs will have on DeFi lending. The opportunities of this feature to attract and unlock opportunities for niche tokens, receipt tokens, and new pairings that otherwise would be too risky or not have value-generating functionalities.
  • Warp aims to enable frictionless lending across chains. Additionally, the isolated lending pairs will be bootstrapped by Chisel, Warps’ upcoming liquidity vault that is proactive and capable of supporting cross-chain transfers and lending opportunities.
  • Protocol to Protocol lending. Warp is being positioned to be a protocol-to-protocol, zero collateral, lending protocol, and liquidity backstop for the entire DeFi ecosystem. We are also exploring the possibility of positioning Warp to enable loans within the Advanced Blockchain incubation ecosystem.

Thus, all hands are on deck to ensure that the V2 launch is seamless, and our team is increasingly focused on improving the DeFi lending space. We again want to thank the loyal Warp community, and we echo the frustration for the delays as we are just as excited for V2 to launch. We will continue to work closely with the Advanced Blockchain team to develop and deploy novel features that benefit DeFi users.

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