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AMA Announcement & Warp Dev Log #6

Hello Warp Community

We have an exciting AMA scheduled with one of our newest Warp team members, who happens to be an active long-time community member 🐦. Tune in to Warp Twitter Space to listen to the Warp AMA on Sunday, May 15th, time TBA next week. Come find out who it is and how they have been onboarded to support our team in delivering and communicating the Warp value proposition and vision.

In terms of development updates, our team continues to test and implement improvements to enable the seamless launch of V2. As was communicated, the team transition did cause delays, but we are working hard with the additional resources to ensure that Warp V2 launches as we are exploring how to maximize the value to ensure the version we launch with has the greatest utility and impact for our community and users.

Testing and Development

This week our team continued to test the subgraph behavior with real data from Warp V1 in addition to multi-call requests from the subgraph to ensure efficiency. We identified and implemented improvements to manual updates and external requests for liquidations. Our liquidator now has the ability to be called from multiple platforms in the case of any issues with our internal communication systems.

Additionally, the website response times have been optimized and the subgraph behavior has been tested and updated via 412 live positions using data from V1. Through this testing on live data performance improvements were discovered and load times were reduced by 40–50%. We also analyzed the code of the existing API repository and investigated potential solutions and implemented and optimized the code where needed.

Updates & AMA Questions

Warp Finance is focused on synching its roadmap and estimates along with accurate technical updates. We are working diligently to provide the community with a more concrete roadmap as well as an updated vision to showcase the long-term value of our protocol. We are grateful to the community for its support and have prepared the AMA session as requested. In addition to introducing one of our newest team members, we will also be unveiling the winners of the meme contest during the AMA.

Questions can be directed to the Discord community ahead of the AMA on Sunday, May 15th.

To join us on our innovative journey, please connect with us through one of the following platforms:

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