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V2 Update & announcement of the Warp Me Contest with a 20 $WARP reward pool

In regards to the delay of the much-anticipated launch of Warp V2, we are in the final stages of testing to ensure the robustness of our internal liquidations system. More specifically, our team is refining and testing our liquidation bot to ensure healthy collateralization of the platform as we are setting up to launch our first Element v1.1 USDC pool. We will be updating our gitbook on the process and post materials on the liquidation process closer to launch and encourage our technical community to integrate and participate. The entire Warp team is working to launch V2 as soon as possible. We are currently hopeful that everything will be ready for a March launch as we have fully identified all testing requirements, but in full transparency, these requirements may cause us to run slightly into April.

V2 Warp Me Competition

In order to rejuvenate the excitement about the launch of Warp V2, we are engaging with our community, especially those of you that have been around patiently waiting, through a content competition. We KNOW that what we are launching is going to reshape the DeFi lending landscape with functionalities that have not been seen before and are excited to see what creative and educational works our community can create.

We are hosting an official V2 Warp Me Competition giving away 20 WARP to the best creative and educational works across four (4) different categories. This competition is being hosted not only to grow excitement but most importantly to showcase appreciation for the continued support and passion that the community has expressed as we have been preparing to unleash Warp V2.

Competition Details

20 WARP can be won across four (4) creative and educational categories.

The submissions for the four (4) categories will be judged according to creativity, originality, and relevance to Warp Finance and the Blacksmith Update. All submissions will be judged and we encourage anyone and everyone to enter the competition. Please keep in mind that in order to be eligible to win, you must adhere to the guidelines that follow:

One entry from each category will be rewarded with 5 $WARP.

This competition will be hosted on Twitter and all entries must be submitted via Twitter with the appropriate hashtag and relevance to the hashtag.

WarpV2 meme — #WarpMeme

  • Ensure that the meme is specific to Warp and relevant to Warp V2 — such as Isolated Lending Pairs, Element Finance PT Use-Cases, Chisel, veWarp etc…

Educational Twitter Thread or Article — #WarpExplained

  • Explain what V2 means for DeFi, why should users be excited, highlight specific use-cases that can appeal to an audience that may not have heard of Warp.

Hype or explainer video — #WarpVideo

  • We are specifically looking for either hype or explainer (educational) type of video content. Ensure the content is relevant to Warp V2 — the Blacksmith Update.

Warp inspired NFT, GIF, or Art — #WarpArt

  • Warp inspired Art/NFTs and Creative GIF’s (not memes) highlighting concepts or showcasing visual and creative alignment with the Warp brand.

Please ensure that entries are posted on Twitter with one of the relevant category hashtags: #WarpMeme, #WarpExplained, #WarpVideo and #WarpArt respectively.

Submissions will be accepted until the 1st of April. After this date, all submissions will be obtained and judged through the Twitter hashtags and the winners will be announced within the first 2 weeks of April.

To follow the Warp Protocol as we carry out these new endeavours, check out our socials:

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