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Warp Devlog #04

Hello Warp Community,

This week our dev team focused on the current state of the subgraph, which is in test mode, and improvements to the current state of service. The improvements were based on feedback from previous testing. The subgraph listens to the on-chain data in an active position and feeds on-chain data in a structured mode to the algorithm that will carry out liquidation. We ensured that the process is more efficient to avoid infinite loops and high-cost computational operations. We will update the ABIs and addresses and deploy them with the same CI/CD before mainnet deployment.

In regards to the current service, we ran tests with mock data allowing us to cover multiple scenarios. After testing, we will switch the mock data to subgraph data and update some constants/contract ABIs and deploy it first on testnet, and then on mainnet.

The Warp flow that was examined through our feedback cycle:

Request processor: A function triggered every time a user responds to liquidation messages. It runs a data integrity check and compares data shown in message to the on-chained data by calling the updater again for the specific request.

Account monitor: This function runs the blockchain data update and for all user loans

Request sender: it is triggered every time a database record is inserted or modified but only if it comes from the blockchain update.

Price setter: This function is used only for testing purposes to manually manipulate price oracles.

Updater: Fetches loan data for all or one specified combination of user and lending pair (short loan). It also includes information about deposited and borrowed amount features and the USD prices of all tokens. The Updater also converts token amounts (deposited and borrowed) to its USD values. It also checks whether we can liquidate a loan then the liquidation range is fetched from the contract if loans can be liquefied.

More updates will be shared to our community with the weekly Devlogs or on our Discord. Please share any questions you have with our community managers on Discord.

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