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Warp Devlog #08

Hello Warp Community,

Last week we hosted our AMA Twitter Spaces, the full recording can be found on our Youtube:


This week, The Warp dev team focused on merging UI fixes and client reported bugs that have been updated. Additional focus went towards the contributions and deployment of the LiquidationHelper bot ahead of launch. More detailed information can be found throughout this update, we welcome input and any further questions on our discord channel.

Merging UI Fixes

Some UI fixes are ready to be merged with the Warp frontend. For instance, when a user deposits below a specific amount for both borrow and earn, UI will not deduct decimal count from the balance.

Also, from previously client reported bugs, when clicking “EARN” from the overview page it redirects to the “Deposit COL” page. The bugs are fixed and the Earn token diagram is ready to be merged. Now, users can easily navigate their way around the page without encountering similar issues. There will be more tests to ensure the fixes have been implemented before launch.

Another client reported bug requiring UI improvement ready to be merged is the inconsistent display of Total Collateral Value. The value display is fixed and now consistent and not cluttered. Also, when users navigate to the Earn tab from the portfolio page, it has been fixed and ready for merging.

Liquidation contract ready for Kovan testnet

The warp development team made some contributions to the LiquidationHelper contract and will be proceeding to the Kovan testnet. Internally the contract has been tested with a bot and manually and updates and fixes have been made by redeploying all the contracts necessary to make it work. The warp devs also worked on refactoring codebases for both the Accrue Interest Service and V2 Liquidation with feedback from the official code review in order to improve the quality of the code.

Currently, the Warp dev team is focused on replacing the old liquidation bot on the Warp V1 with the new one and carrying out tests to ensure that all fixes are done ahead of V2.

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