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Warp devlog #10

Hello Warp Community,

This week our development team focused on backend issues relating to the liquidity bot and accrued interest service. We still continue with documentation of veWarp and Chisel and testing ahead of the Blacksmith update. Here is a breakdown of the implementations made this week.

UI Updates

The QA team worked on integrating the UI for how the pools for expired PT tokens will be displayed along with the live pools on the market overview page. The display page will include the LTV, the maximum number of assets users can borrow against their collateral. Also, the team is working on updating the blockchain contract method or API to enable users to get access to expiryDate of the pools.

Update on the Liquidator

We also worked on adjusting the supgraph used for the Warp liquidation bot so that it takes Deposit and Redeem events with a borrowed asset into account as well in a newly added depositedBorrowAmount variable. Moving on to documentation, we ensured that the entire process of using the V1 liquidator was properly documented to protect the integrity of the V2 liquidation box. We created a runbook for the latest V2 Liquidation bot.

Implementing service for accruing interest in case of inactivity

With updates currently ongoing, the current Warp setup relies on the balance of debt assets to calculate how much users are in debt due to their borrowing. This method is limiting. However, according to the calculation the debt is increasing every block, but the balance of debt assets only gets updated when people interact with the specific contract, which then triggers the accrueInterest() function. To ensure that the UI gives the correct information, and the liquidation bot detects user loans for liquidation, our dev team implemented a service to accrue interest if users do not interact with a specific pool for an extended period of time while maintaining accurate data. The service checks for inactivity within a specified amount of time and runs the accrueInterest() function in case it has not been triggered for that duration.

The service has been implemented and tested on Kovan for quality assurance purposes. Also, our dev team created a deployment request called Deployment of service for accruing interest in case of inactivity.

More updates and implementation continue. The Warp dev team is focusing on finalizing all tests and UI updates ahead of the Blacksmith update.

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