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Warp devlog #11

Hello Warp Community,

We bring you more updates from the development side this week as we gear towards wrapping up testing activities and deploying on Mainnet. Our development team focused on merging liquidity reward API and API service caching. We also documented the Warp v2 subgraph and worked on the veWarp gauges. Here is a breakdown of the implementations made this week.

Added supported networks to the ‘liquidity-rewards-api’

To enable ease of withdrawal on Warp when lending, we added new supported networks to the already deployed ‘liquidity-rewards-API. Also, the newly deployed subgraph was to the AWS Parameter Store and also added that subgraph URL to the respective AWS Parameter. To ensure it worked properly we ran the reload-supported-networks endpoint. We carried out quality assurance testing to ensure that it worked and filtered any suspicious activity that was discovered during testing.

Still on API matters, we updated the existing API repo and integrated it to the front end carrying out an API service Caching.

Review and migrate legacy Public APIs to PostgreSQL DB

As we transitioned from old solutions, we reviewed and migrated Public APIs to PostgreSQL DB. Identifying any existing APIs that the front end uses for transfers/withdrawals that use mongodb API and porting this to the new postgreSQL databases. We also transitioned the transaction path as part of live front end updates in explorer moving it from a mongodb api and pusher service. The transfer API is also transitioning as more integrations are added.

As we are concluding our testing, we also included the documentation of the Warp V2 Subgraph including the list of services using the subgraph, technical reference and mappings. Ahead of the V2 Beta release, we are also working on the veWarp gauge.

The Warp team is looking forward to the Beta release of the Blacksmith update and continues to update and implement needed changes ahead of V2.

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