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Warp devlog #13

Greetings Warp Community!

With the Beta launch of the Blacksmith update around the corner, we are excited to bring forth the latest development activity.

Firstly, the Warp team is pleased to announce that we anticipate the launch of the long-awaited v2 Beta to finally go live in July! As a rough timeline, the team expects to take about one to two weeks to tie off all remaining development ticket items, followed by a week of thorough testing and final QA on the mainnet. This means our community can expect the launch of v2 Beta anytime before the end of the month. 🥳

For more information on what v2 Beta will be useful for, please refer back to this post, highlighting some of the use cases for combining Warp’s isolated pair borrowing and lending with Element Finance’s PTs.

Rest assured, v2 Beta is not the end of the roadmap — it is just the beginning of unlocking the new paradigm of lending that the Blacksmith update will enable. Therefore, our team continues to develop the next stages for the full-feature launch of v2 (including Chisel and veWARP).

Since the last devlog was published, our Devs reviewed expected flows on v2 Beta smart contracts and prepared the repository for final deployments, thus entering the mainnet deployment stage. The Dev team expanded on the existing main backend API for the Warp UI and is currently in the integration process. Our Devs also worked on the veWarp Vyper implementation.

Service Public API implementation

One of the Service Public API’s most important features is gathering all user information related to deposits and earnings. This information can then be used by the frontend team and displayed on the Warp v2 UI. We developed a backend solution to treat each “Withdraw” request as a “Withdraw + Claim” action. Hence, users will receive the amount they wish to withdraw along with their earnings. Subsequently, the user’s “Earned” tokens will reflect as 0 on the UI after every withdrawal. This backend solution will hand the frontend team all the values they need to incorporate this user action. We successfully tested this solution on the API level and handed it over to the frontend team to integrate into the Warp v2 UI, which is currently ongoing, leading to the upcoming, planned end-to-end testing.

veWARP development

The team continues to develop the complete feature-set for the upcoming full launch of v2 Blacksmith post the v2 Beta launch. Implementing the intended feature-set of veWARP requires functionality beyond a simple fork of other ve implementations. Therefore, the team commenced research into Vyper, a contract-oriented programming language. Vyper has an intelligible syntax that simplifies blockchain coding. The veWarp Vyper implementation will help us develop custom liquidity gauges (similar to Curve gauges), and other advanced features on the veWARP roadmap.

We are looking forward to the Beta launch of the Blacksmith update and will continue to update and implement necessary changes ahead of the upcoming full-suite v2 launch.

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