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Warp DevLog #5

Hello Warp Community,

We are pleased to announce that the Warp team is expanding and garnering support and resources for the Warp protocol development and strategy. We will share more updates on the expansion in upcoming publications. Though updates are moving along, we too are dissatisfied with the pace of production, which we are remedying with changes in the development team and additions to management. However, we are grateful for the support of the community and we are taking a proactive stance toward communication and delivering on past promises. More details on team changes will be shared next week.

The Warp team has been carrying out tests and implementing changes that will enable the deployment of the blacksmith update, Warp V2. Here is a breakdown of what the team has been up to this past week.

The current state of Subgraph

We have successfully gone through the event handling and amount calculations and carried out all the necessary fixes. The accumulated interest of the borrowed amount was not included in the calculations and will be fixed before launch.

Improvements are currently being made to switch mock data to subgraph data and everything that needs to happen with that (updating constants, ABIs, etc.). Subsequently, we will deploy the entire solution with proper blockchain subgraph data to testnet and proceed with the third round of testing.

The current state of Liquidation

We have successfully finished the second round of testing using various mock data to cover many different scenarios. All issues found have been documented and fixed.

We have strengthened the security and introduced more checks, e.g. comparing bot request data to our database data before initiating liquidation. We have also optimized parts of the code related to the general flow and added more information to messages like ‘who initiated liquidation’

Error handling has been improved and we have optimized other methods of interacting with the service.

We are getting ready to proceed to the fourth round of testing on the liquidation transaction and this will be done on the mainnet. In other words, the liquidation transaction has been tested with mock data and we can now proceed to the final round of testing.

To join us on our innovative journey, please connect with us through one of the following platforms:

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