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Warp Finance announces completion of Warp V2 audit by Stela Labs

With the imminent launch of Warp V2: the Blacksmith update, we are pleased to announce that our audit has successfully been completed by Stela Labs. This audit was conducted as an additional security measure, as our V2 code was previously audited by Trail of Bits in June 2021. Stela Labs specifically reviewed Warp V2 smart contracts code and provided suggestions for any weaknesses identified. With the completion of this audit, we are aligned to launch V2 and are well-positioned to prepare further future upgrades to our code and solution.

Details of the Audit

Warp V2 is set for launch this month, March 2022, and this audit covered a review of all the Blacksmith upgradeā€™s smart contracts code. The results of the audit report were published on Warp.Finance Github repo along with any recommendations and modifications implemented. We made sure to include all the details to afford our community transparency in our process. As previously stated, the Stela Labs Warp V2 audit followed the Trail of Bits audit, all of the reports are available in our repo. Following this audit, Warp will be unveiling its new V2 features, such as isolated lending pairs and the integration of Element Finance principal tokens, to ultimately provide users with novel new DeFi opportunities.

About Stela Labs

Stela Labs secures existing smart contracts through auditing and has the expertise to help protocols resolve any identified issues. The firm consists of a diverse and experienced team of blockchain pioneers and engineers with real-world experience and expertise about security issues that have impacted other blockchain-based projects. Stela Labs implements a comprehensive smart contract auditing and protocol building strategy that not only aims for security but also utility and impact.

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