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Warp Finance V2 Smart Contracts Audited by Trail of Bits

Warp Finance is eager to announce that its V2 smart contract infrastructure has been audited by renowned security auditing firm Trail of Bits. The firm worked to identify any shortcomings in the Warp smart contract code and suggested changes that could help us protect our protocol and our users.

What is Trail of Bits?

While blockchain is the gold standard for data security, coding weaknesses can still make it vulnerable to issues or attacks. Trail of Bits (https://www.trailofbits.com/), a preeminent security auditing firm, aims to identify and address those shortcomings. For nearly 10 years, Trail of Bits has worked to secure some of the world’s most popular (and therefore most targeted) software products and organizations. Trail of Bits is known for its auditing tools and its work in the system software, blockchain, and cryptography spaces, among others.

Trail of Bits combines high-end security research with the approach of a real-world attacker to closely review smart contracts. As part of its audits, it identifies any weaknesses or issues and then suggests solutions for them.

What did the audit involve?

This security audit involved a review of all of Warp V2’s smart contracts. In the interest of transparency, we have published the results of this audit (including the recommended changes) and details on the modifications we implement. These audit results and the audit remediation are now available on the Warp.Finance Github repo.

Following this audit, Warp will continue to develop V2 by introducing new features that better serve users and increase access to and usability of this incredible lending solution.

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