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Warp V2 — Blacksmith Update — Development Testnet Launch

We are excited to announce that Warp V2 has just launched on the Kovan Testnet, head to https://testnet.warp.finance/mint to participate. The development Testnet will feature the first release of Warp V2, Blacksmith update, including mock tokens and new functionalities. It will provide an opportunity for users to explore new features and offer feedback directly to the Warp team. All input will support the forthcoming Mainnet launch of Warp V2.

The Warp team is looking forward to seeing our community utilize the new capabilities and the functionalities of our platform. For a summary of Warp’s history and to gain insight into Warp V2’s functionality, please check out our Medium article summarizing Warp Finance’s Upcoming Use Cases. This article highlights many initial benefits such as leveraged APY, risk isolation, and information about Element Finance that will help prepare users for what to expect when exploring the Testnet release and the Mainnet launch.

Feedback Form

Community members that participate in the Testnet will be able to provide feedback through usersnap. You can find the form as a pop-up on the website to submit feedback for the Warp team to review. The form, as depicted below, includes the option for users to submit a screen capture recording which will better help our team process and work on the feedback.

Stay Tuned!

The Warp team is working hard to release Warp V2 — the Blacksmith update. We look forward to any and all feedback from users that decide to participate in the Testnet launch. We will use all of the information and feedback that we can gather during this period to support the Mainnet launch.

To follow the Warp Protocol as we carry out these new endeavors, check out our socials:

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