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Warp Dev Log #02

Hello Warp Community!

The week has not ended and our development team continues to work relentlessly to get V2 ready for launch. In order to manage the expectations of the launch, we are giving an early dev update to inform the community that V2 will not be launching on the estimated date of April 1st. Due to these circumstances, we are extending the timeline of our WarpMe competition and will accept submissions for the competition until launch.

As our code has been audited for launch we have since been focused on ensuring the stability and usability of our product. This process involves peer reviews that lead to tickets for feedback and improvement. Each of these feedback loops goes through a cycle that can sometimes lead to unexpected delays as we improve on what we discovered during the process.

Internal bugs, improvements, and stability checks

As an update from last week, the solidity contracts to assist in liquidations have been completed. This week our team launched internal checks to ensure stability, discover and fix any bugs, and complete any improvement tickets that were brought up during our internal reviews. This process of ensuring the stability we thrive for at launch is taking longer than expected and for this reason, we are slightly delaying the launch. We understand this is frustrating to the community but these steps are necessary to launch a stable, secure, and game-changing product.

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