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Expanding the DeFi Lending Universe

Warp offers isolated lending pairs between unique digital assets, fully customized and defined by the users.

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The Warp Protocol

The Warp Protocol’s primary objective is to create a novel use case for unused Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens by allowing them to be used as collateral for lending. Users will be able to deposit LP tokens onto the Warp platform and receive stablecoin loans in exchange, while their LP tokens continue to earn from Uniswap’s rewards.

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The LP token is an
under-equipped vehicle

When staking in liquidity pools (e.g. Uniswap, SushiSwap etc.), users must deposit a 50/50 amount of two digital assets, such as ETH/WBTC in order to earn swap fees through LP tokens. This can be looked at as a simplified index fund that balances itself automatically to be the same value in both assets.


Impermanent Loss

When swap fees in these liquidity pools cannot compensate for loss of value of the dynamically changing value of the LP asset, this results in a net loss for the user.


Enhance the utility to LP tokens, which in turn creates multiple sustainable yield streams

This is the mission of Warp Finance: to transform the way we utilize our liquidity into a diverse, multi-dimensional state that allows for a greater potential for yield.

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Lending and Borrowing

Stablecoin lending and borrowing with LP tokens as collateral

Warp Finance allows for anyone to permissionlessly collateralize their LP tokens and borrow stablecoins.

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Yield Optimization

Earn yield while you borrow stablecoins

When a user deposits LP tokens for a collateralized loan, those LP tokens will be put to work, earning yield while borrowing. The WARP protocol will utilize the collateralized LP in simple yield strategies on other DeFi platforms such as SushiSwap, Curve, Balancer, etc. to make negative interest loans possible.


The WARP Token

The $WARP token is a rewards token that will be initially distributed to early users and stakeholders of Warp Finance. It will attain further utility with the Warp protocol as new features are implemented.

warp token $WARP
warp dai usdt usdc susd


Audited and Verified

Warp Finance maintains a robust and resilient platform, with auditors regularly monitoring its contracts for security and potential attack vectors.

Audit report

'Why Warp Finance will be 2020’s final DeFi gem before 2021’s bull run'

Why Warp Finance Will be 2020’s Final DeFi Gem Before 2021’s Bull Run


Q1 2021

Launched WARP token

Commencement of WARP liquidity mining and interest-earning for LP token deposits

Collateralized loans based on cDai and aDAI

Warp Protocol participants will be able to lend and borrow stablecoins backed by these yield-bearing assets.

Q3 2021

Cross-chain interoperability

Enabled through the Polkadot blockchain’s capacity to bridge to other chains

Layer 2 functionality

Implementation of rollups to expand throughput and gas efficiency of the platform

Q2 2021

Curve Integration

Bridging of yield strategies for various stablecoins such as yCRV, subsequently allowing users to earn Warp Tokens for utilization

Balancer Integration

Users can collateralize Balancer LP tokens to borrow stablecoins

Users can earn WARP through Balancer LP token deposits

Quad LP tokens through Balancer and Delta DAO

Warp will be expanding its LP token base to include LP tokens from other platforms, such as SushiSwap, Balancer, etc.

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